Testimonial – Stoaks & Carpenter

January 2011

Looking back on the whole thing, I don’t know what we would have done without Custom Dreams. We had never built a house before and had no clue what we were doing. We also have young children and work full-time — we had no time to deal with planning or contractors. We did interview several other well-known Los Altos builders, but their work didn’t really wow us, and their references weren’t nearly so glowing.

At first, we were concerned about paying extra for full service — but Mark more than made up for it by negotiating some great prices for top-quality materials and workmanship. He made sure we got the house we wanted and delivered a level of luxury we didn’t know we could afford. The house ended up being very environmentally-friendly, too, which was all Custom Dreams’ doing.

The whole planning and building process went quickly and smoothly, with very little input from us, and Mark always worked around our busy schedules. We have heard from others that this can be time consuming and difficult, but we experienced none of it. When we visited the site on the weekends, it was always neat and the workers there were friendly and professional.

As the process wrapped up, Carla was incredibly helpful in picking hardware, tile, wood finishes and paint colors — she made that part really fun. Even today, six months after we’ve moved in, she is very responsive to requests to fix and change little things. And we still have people stopping by to tell us how much they love our house. We’ve have had several requests to sell it, but we�re not going anywhere!

Max and Claudia
Los Altos

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