Testimonial – Raricks

February 2011

We started to interview builders when our plans were submitted to the county and were pending approval. We met with several builders and quite honestly never felt we knew what we were going to get. Once we met Mark and the Custom Dreams’ team, the selection was easy. Mark prepared the most detailed spreadsheets for the budget that made it instantaneously clear how the building process would evolve. But even more importantly, Mark’s honesty, openness and enthusiasm were immediately obvious. It is needless to say that having trust in your developer is extremely important.

From the start of the construction, Mark’s team was up to the task. Our project quickly accelerated its pace from concept to home in progress. The pending issues with the County were resolved quickly and our plans were approved shortly thereafter. Mark led us to consider options no one had mentioned before like donating the old structure to charity rather than burying it in a landfill. There were also surprises that sprung up and needed to be resolved, amongst them issues with the engineering. Mark and his team recognized the need for a new engineer and quickly secured a new firm.

We are currently in the finish stage of our project. The building process is on time and something that’s important for us � on budget. Mark, Carla and Brooke have and continue to guide us through the multitude of decisions and choices that stand before us. Their experience allows them to prioritize the necessary decisions so we do not feel overwhelmed at any one point in time. The construction supervision and quality of work have been outstanding. Again and again, we appreciate Marks detailed spreadsheets that have been instrumental in keeping us on budget.

It has been and continues to be a very positive experience. The feeling of your dream home coming alive defies description. Selecting Custom Dreams in Real Estate has been the one decision that both of us have been completely in agreement with.

Thomas and Elena
Los Altos

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