Testimonial – Kacins

A year ago we completed our new current family home. While it was the first time we built a new house from scratch, we’ve owned and remodeled many houses in the past. I’m probably considered an extreme home owner when it comes to requirements and demands of design/development.

Here’s my list of our general requirements regarding a builder:

- Focus on building a home, not just a structure
- Implements exceptional quality and craftsmanship
- Top notch General, Supervisor and Subs (All Star Chain)
- Precise Timelines, Sequencing, and Completion
- Accurate Budgeting, Total Cost Control, Zero Over-runs
- Leveraged Supply Partners and Discounted High-Grade Materials
- Smart and Innovative Architecture, Design, Engineering
- A Building Partner with both Passion and “know how”
- Professionals who are really part of the community
- Industry leaders as related to Interior, Exterior, Landscape, and Techscape
(including Energy and other Green Topics)
- Fully supportive, responsive, helpful, cheerful, amiable and fun

I specifically DO NOT tolerate the following as part of any building project:

- Frequent budget over-runs and over-variable costs
- Routine “unanticipated and unusual situations/delays”
- Corner Cuts, Material fill-ins and indifferent quality
- A builder whose only passion is his wallet

Custom Dreams exceeded our requirements, expectations, and dreams. Thank you Mark, Carla, Brooke, Cliff and all of Custom Dreams for everything!

My whole-hearted recommendation to anyone wanting to build a home: “Dare to Dream!”.

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