Testimonial – Goeses

December 2010

Having built four custom homes for ourselves, we have come to appreciate that high-end custom home building is very different than the custom home around the corner. It demands a construction team with deep expertise, a unique and reliable group of tradesman and craftsman, relentless supervision of subcontractors, and an attention to detail that many in the construction industry would consider overboard. Additionally, it requires a trusted manager that not only has an eye on the budget and schedule, but also can manage the hundreds of changes and meticulous details that get incorporated along the way. Custom Dreams provided all of this and more as they managed the construction of our final dream home from planning to permitting, and from construction to move-in.

From the start, Custom Dreams was our main point of contact, while their team managed all other project participants. One bill, one budget, one schedule, one person to give and receive information. Uniquely, they developed a comprehensive budget and scheduling approach that tracked not just the house, but also the landscape, pool and other features so that we could make decisions based on the overall impact. Their full service and professionalism throughout the process made building such a complex home quite enjoyable.

Notably, not only did they do an incredible job completing our home and landscape, but they have continued to fully service the home years after its completion. This is very unique in the industry and important to us in order to maintain our home and keep up with the latest technology.

We would highly recommend Custom Dreams to anyone interested in building a custom home.

The Goeses
Los Altos

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