The Raricks, Los Altos

“We met with several builders and quite honestly never felt we knew what we were going to get. Once we met Mark and the Custom Dreams’ team, the selection was easy.”

The Kacins, Los Altos Hills

“Custom Dreams exceeded our requirements, expectations, and dreams. Thank you Mark, Carla, Brooke, Cliff and all of Custom Dreams for everything!”

Read the Stoaks Carpenter testimonial

Max Stoaks and Claudia Carpenter, Los Altos

“Looking back on the whole thing, I don’t know what we would have done without Custom Dreams.”

The Goeses, Los Altos

“Having built four custom homes for ourselves, we have come to appreciate that high-end custom home building is very different than…”

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The Wolffs, Los Altos

“Our experience with Custom Dreams and Mark Blackman exceeded our expectations in every way.”

The Falks, Los Altos

“Custom Dreams enabled us to build a house with features and a standard of excellence beyond what we could have imagined and made it both an enjoyable and exciting experience for us. ”

Susan Sims, Realtor®

“After the first meeting my Buyers were so impressed they decided to hire Custom Dreams to build their dream home on the lot we had just put an offer on.”

Other Recent Testimonials


Paz & Einat Yogev, Silicon Valley Engineers Working in Silicon Valley, Paz and Einat Yogev know high-tech companies must develop products rapidly to meet fleeting windows of opportunity. They were extremely pleased, therefore, to find that Custom Dreams demonstrates this same level of urgency and expertise when it represents homeowners. The Yogevs moved into their dream home in less than a year from the beginning of the design process to move-in. Through concept, development, design and construction, Custom Dreams earned their trust.

Phyllis and Jon, High Technology Executives Custom Dreams helped Phyllis and Jon during their site selection process and guided them as to where to build. As a result, a property that proved “unbuildable” was avoided. Once a suitable lot was found, Custom Dreams managed Phyllis and Jon’s exterior and interior home design, construction, budget, and financing. All of this on schedule, below budget, with exceptional service.

Sharon & Gary Lessing Sharon and Gary Lessing went through two architects and two builders trying to remodel an old house. Frustrated, and blindsided by a county building moratorium, they hired an owners’ representative from Custom Dreams. Custom Dreams determined that rebuilding a new home would cost little more than remodeling, and won them priority treatment for plan approval. The Lessings’ new home was ready in only eight months. Through concept and design to finance, development and construction, Custom Dreams took full responsibility.

Kalil Jenab, Real Estate Professional After bidding against Custom Dreams on a residential property, Tiffany and Kalil Jenab selected Custom Dreams as their owners’ representative when they built their own custom home. Custom Dreams took charge of the financing, design, city approvals, permits and construction management, while providing budget management and finish selections expertise. Every service needed, under one roof, by one company and at a great value. From start to finish, only eight months passed. Through concept, acquisition and finance to development, design and construction, Custom Dreams delivered a beautiful new home at a price only a real estate professional, like Kalil Jenab, knows is incredible.

Alice Nuzzo, Coldwell Banker Realtor Homes Alice Nuzzo once sold as the American dream she now sells as Los Altos tear-downs and remodel opportunities. Her clients are highly focused on their family and careers, lacking the time or expertise to design, obtain city permits, and manage the construction and financing of their new homes.

That’s where Custom Dreams comes in. Ms. Nuzzo turns to Custom Dreams for its knowledge of critical issues, neighborhood concerns, city approval processes, and the people to get the job done.