How We Charge

We typically structure our compensation on a “cost plus” basis, where our fee is based on the total construction-related costs that we manage. A common misconception about Custom Dreams is that we are too expensive. The fee percentage that we charge is the same or less than other quality home builders, but the service and value you receive is unmatched. There are no additional fees or hidden charges. Additionally, our project accounting is 100% transparent with all project invoices passed along to the client for review and approval each month in an easy to understand summary format. Depending on the type of project and client needs, we are open to alternative contract structures.

Additionally, when we are involved from the beginning of a project, we save our clients several months and tens of thousands of dollars through coordination during the planning phase, while also limiting their liability. In effect, we are able to “pay” for a substantial portion of our fee before we even break ground on a project. We provide more, you effectively pay less, and we ensure a great experience.