The needs of every client and project are different. Custom Dreams’ role ranges from managing the entire project to filling the position of traditional general contractor working in a specific capacity. We can either build your entire project team with talented professionals or we can come up to speed quickly as a partner during the design process.

There are typically over 100 participants involved in a new custom home and tens of thousands of moving parts that left undermanaged will undermine a project by impacting vision, budget, schedule, and/or quality. We have found that the key to a successful project is comprehensive project management, technical construction expertise, and close collaboration amongst all project participants. Regardless of our role, our experience and contribution is best leveraged the earlier we are involved in a project.

Throughout the process, our clients work closely with highly-qualified, hands-on professionals. Our approach allows clients to become as involved as their time or desire permits. Importantly, we offer all of these services at the same cost as a quality general contractor.

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