Construction Technology

The residential design and construction market is traditionally a low-tech industry. Following the path of developers and large-scale commercial contractors, Custom Dreams has developed a powerful technology platform that seamlessly supports all phases of a project’s lifecycle from design and estimating to construction management and accounting. Our platform provides clients with the information they need to make good decisions about their projects as well as manage their risks.

We are one of a handful of residential custom home builders nationwide that has adopted the Building Information Modeling (BIM) design environment. Custom Dreams’ clients receive the following benefits working in a BIM environment:

  • Complete, accurate, and detailed 3D renderings that provide total visualization of a project
  • Compressed design cycle with more accurate and complete plans
  • Accurate cost estimation during design phase supporting early design and scope decisions
  • Design and plan error minimization which avoids costly mistakes and construction delays
  • Greatly improved coordination in construction sequencing and conflict detection resulting in shorter construction cycles

The impact of BIM and the construction management technology that we have implemented is profound and provides us with the tools to deliver higher quality projects faster and at a significantly lower cost.